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Drilling Car Rear View Camera

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How to install your backup camera?

Once you have gathered the required materials and safely parked your car, remove the spare tire if you have one at the back. This will leave you with more space as you drill a hole on the spot where the camera will be installed. It will also reveal the holes where you will be running the wires.

Place the license plate frame on the bumper and use a pen to mark the position of the camera. It should be at the center.

Drill a hole exactly on the area that you have marked. The size of the hole will depend on the size of the wire that you will insert. Most of the backup cameras today have small wires, so you do not have to create a hole that is too big.

Attach the license plate frame. At this point, the camera must also be attached to the frame as well.

Next, connect the wires from its original position to power up the lights that illuminate the license plate at night.

By now, you have to deal with the wiring of the actual backup camera to have it powered.

Depending on the car where the camera is installed, you have to lift the panel at the trunk to expose the wires and to make it easy to bring it to the passenger compartment.

Look for the hole where you will have to insert the wire. Use a wireworm to make it easier for you to pull the wire from your backup camera. Go under the car and make sure that the cables do no tangle and that it will not interfere with your spare tire.

At this point, you can now run the wires to the front of your vehicle. Open the panel on the side and run the wire through its position.

Attach the wire to the wire that connects to the stereo and tuck it neatly on the sides.

Connect the camera’s power wire to the power wire for the radio.

The next connection that you have to make is the ground wire, which is usually the one in black, as it is also shown in the video above. Loosen the screw and add the terminal of the wire for grounding. This is where the radio and the camera will derive its ground.

Connect the video feed of the camera to the input that you can see at the back of the interior. Next, connect the wires from the radio to the wires in your vehicle.

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